Everything You Should Know About Private Health Insurance


private health insurance

With the Affordable Care Act, the country’s health market has changed dramatically. Although many consumers will opt to go through the federal exchanges, some might actually be able to benefit, by obtaining private health insurance. Within this guide, you will discover the benefits of these plans and how to capitalize on their benefits.

Less Expensive

There are more and more American workers, who are contemplating purchasing private health insurance, because it can potentially be much cheaper. Many consumers will be able to obtain insurance much cheaper through a private company, when compared to their employer’s plans. It is estimated that 30% of workers will actually pay more through their employer’s insurance than through a private company. Therefore, everyone should consider taking a glance at all of his or her options.


When you explore your options, you should know that your employer’s insurance offers many protections, which are not available with private companies. Despite being cheaper, it is still sometimes better to avoid private insurance, since it doesn’t offer these added protections. These will be listed below for your convenience.

  • Guaranteed – Employers are required to offer you health insurance, regardless of your current health. This might not be the case, with private insurers.
  • Cannot cancel – At the same time, your employer’s health plan cannot be canceled, if you fall ill!
  • COBRA – If you end up being laid off from your job, you can actually extend your insurance for up to 18 months. With a private insurer, this isn’t a possibility.

Shop Online

When attempting to obtain the best and most affordable insurance, you should make sure to take your search online. By doing this, you will be able to obtain premium quotes and compare prices! This will help to ensure that you get the cheapest and more efficient coverage possible!


At the end of the day, anyone, who is need of health insurance, will definitely want to consider checking out private insurance options! You may be able to benefit significantly from doing so!