All About The Many Obamacare Issues


obamacare issues

While many Americans that were not covered under a healthcare plan were thrilled to learn that they would receive free healthcare coverage under Obamacare, others were not so happy. If you have felt the pressure from this new federal healthcare law, you should continue reading this article.

Tax Hikes

It has been reported throughout the United States that tax hikes are happening, as of right now. Not only are Americans penalized with separate tax increases, but they are also being plagued with new taxes that are being tacked on to nearly every aspect of healthcare. If you are not familiar with this unpopular healthcare program, then you have not been monitoring the main stream media outlets, because they are always downgrading its effectiveness.

Most of these tax increases are only affecting the middle class families, but they are also taking their toll on small businesses.

Product Price Increases

Since employers are being faced with $3,000 mandate taxes for each individual employee, you will begin to feel these affects, as well. All brand product prices are being increased to compromise for these expenses, which will begin to affect the global economy. Many individuals are not benefiting from Obamacare, because they are not employed and have a monthly income that is above the income level threshold.

No Choice of Coverage

While many individuals were already covered under a great healthcare plan, they instantly realized that they would not have the option of keeping it. You are also limited on which medical physician that you can visit, because some of them do not accept Obamacare. You are pretty much going to be reliant on this federal healthcare plan to protect you, when you are faced with an acute or chronic illness.

President Obama promised all American citizens that they would be able to select a high-quality healthcare plan under this new law at very affordable prices, but this proved to be another lie surrounding Obamacare.